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Rolex is synonymous with luxury and its expensive prices for its watches have turned it into a status symbol. 

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Rolex Datejust

Replica Copies of the Classic Rolex Datejust

The Rolex Datejust could possibly be the mother of all modern timepieces. Although there is now the Datejust II, the 36mm classic Datejust remains a sought after wrist watch.

Rolex introduced the Datejust in 1946 and although the original models are quite different from the ones we’ve seen today from the 1960s onwards.

A classic Datejust might seem boring but what makes it cool is its history. It’s considered the most recognizable Swiss wrist watch and many films, famous personalities and politician have featured it. As a consequence making of Datejust copies has been perfected for decades and there is a large variety of models to choose from.

More expensive replicas with Swiss-Made ETA movements and cheaper ROLEX watch clones with Japanese Miyota automatic movements.

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Rolex Datejust Diamonds Replica

Rolex Datejust oroginal and replicas. What we like and what we dislike.

We like the Datejust in stainless steel and gold, a jubilee bracelet and a gold fluted bezel. Patrick Bateman wore it in that American psycho film.

The Datejust models can be customized extensively. We like the Champagne dial, with reference 16233.

If you can still wear a 36mm watch, try the classic. You can get the same one which we described above for around $3,675.

What we do not like is the price of the original Rolex Datejust and Datejust II models and so we would much rather go for a more affordable swiss-made replica of one of these models.

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Rolex Miyota Gold Plated

olex Day-Date Replica

R18k yellow gold plated stainless steel caee and gold dial

Rolex Miyota 40 Day-Date Ice Blue

Day Date 40 Ice Blue

Rolex with a blue dial and stainless steel case

1:1 Copy
Rolex Miyota Diamond Day-Date

Swiss Day-Date Diamonds

Swiss-Made Rolex replica Day-Date with diamond encrusted polished stainless steel case.

Rolex Miyota Day-Date Replica Silver

Silver Day-Date knock-off

Brushed stainless steel case. Japanese Miyota automatic.